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Application and characteristics of safety mat
click rate:946 Release date:2017-09-14

Safety mats provide maximum safety protection against the danger of moving areas of arbitrary shape for machines, semi-automatic machines and production lines, thereby protecting human safety and the normal operation of the machine.

Typical applications of safety mats include: automatic sensing doors, welding robots, material processing, rubber and plastic machinery, assembly machinery, packaging machinery, stamping machinery, pressure machinery, automotive manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgical industry and so on

Safety mat  is a kind of special protective switch, which has the characteristics of strong structure, high sensitivity, long life, low price, safety and reliability, free installation, convenience, etc. It can make the field passageway smooth, safe and convenient.

The operation mode of the safety mat: when the human or heavy object is placed on the safety carpet surface, the contact surface of the safety carpet is squeezed together, which forms the circuit, outputs the signal, controls the machine, makes it stop running, and realizes the protection of the area.

When selecting a safety mat, one should choose according to the surrounding environment, mainly in the following aspects:

Environmental temperature of mat use; response time for mat work; protection level of mat; environmental factors such as oil, water, etc.; working pressure of mat, etc.

Sakady safety mats are different from other brands in that they use special rubber EPM/EPDM materials that have good resistivity, good wear resistance, and good resistance to all kinds of acids and bases. Salt and other chemicals have excellent corrosion resistance. The safety mat can be used in conjunction with a special controller to form a complete safety system, which greatly improves the safety performance and thus protects people and machines.

Sakady safety mats not only have standard size safety carpets to choose from, but also can be customized according to customer requirements.

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