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Safety Light Curtain, simple is that wayward
click rate:520 Release date:2017-03-16

As a machine vendor or end user of a machine, there are occasional concerns when you see a machine running: what if the device starts unexpectedly? The operator operation error causes the work injury, the trouble is big! So many sets of safety light curtain, cable connection and mechanical installation trouble

For the concern of many users, Sakady safety light curtain, easy to solve your concerns about the security risks, to provide the best cost-effective!

1、Up to three series of light screens can be connected in series, only the main light screen needs to be powered
2、The main light curtain is equipped with an alignment assistant display to help you easily identify the alignment state of the light curtain
3、Direct realization of No-blind spot installation requirement in Series Light curtain
4、Series light curtain with 350mm long series cable, do not need to buy separately, saving cable cost
5、Multiple resolution free choice, protection height 300~1800mm
6、Auxiliary signal output of seven-segment code, ideal assistant for fast troubleshooting
7、No software configuration, just plug the plug, it is so simple and easy to use


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