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Process optimization for automotive production and its parts supply is a long-term task, as there has been intense global competition and high price pressures in the sector, which is why every detail is decisive. The sakady sensor can help customers in this field to achieve all potential performance.

Sakady sensors make production safer, faster, more transparent, and systematically remove hazards and improve the efficiency of every aspect of the work, making you a leader in global competition.

Stamping Workshop

Guarantee quality and yield without jeopardizing personnel and equipment


In the production of body parts, quality and production targets must be correctly achieved. As a result, the Saiga sensor can be used in almost all areas of the press shop, including automated press lines and robot assembly areas. They ensure that the equipment is ready at the right point in time and is ready for use in the assembly line.

Thebody-in-white manufacturing

Sakady products combine precision, speed and safety

blob.pngThe body-in-white manufacturing combines multiple components to form a solid, integrated vehicle infrastructure that is an important part of the automotive industry. The foundation of the car, the body, is gradually formed during this process.
Sakady's sensor solutions combine precision, speed and safety.

Final assembly

The right components are assembled in the right place at the right time

blob.pngThis is the basic principle of final assembly, which focuses on both logistics and quality. Only by following this principle can we produce a vehicle that perfectly meets the customer's requirements. Whether it's body recognition, embedded screens, suspension collision protection, assembly of wheels or other applications, the Sakady sensor makes the process smoother.

Engine and transmission production

Sakady sensor solutions combine precision and safety


To ensure smooth engine assembly, the Sega Sensor provides critical monitoring, control and safe operation in all "Powertrain" areas. For example, to check whether the workpiece is complete, to control the driving robot, to control engine lubrication, to control the workpiece pallet on the conveyor line or to protect the dangerous area.

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