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1. Safety door lock The sensor used to control the on-site safety door switch can effectively protect the safety of on-site maintenance personnel.


2.Intelligent heater For the heating of the on-site rubber cutter, it can quickly and effectively heat and maintain the heat of the cutter to ensure the cutting of the rubber.


3.Safety light curtain is used to prevent on-site personnel from entering the working area of the machine and causing safety accidents.


4.Linear switch Used to control the conveying speed of materials in the tire production site


5.Intelligent safety inspection system For centralized control of safety sensors on the rubber production site, it can effectively realize centralized control of ropes, pedals and buttons on the whole machine.


6.Ultrasonic sensor controls the material transfer speed by ultrasonically sensing the distance between the material and the ultrasonic sensor.

7.Photoelectric switch to detect oncoming rubber materials

 • Detect incoming rubber materials to divide them into fixed sizes.


• Safety measures for rubber molding machines and food tray forming (vacuum forming) molding areas


8.For human detection 

Safety light curtain

・When a person enters a hazardous area during processing, the machine is shut down.


9.Allow the machine to stop urgently when the rope is pulled while the machine is running

Foot switch controls machine operation and stop

Angular displacement can control the feeding speed of the machine by 360° rotation


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