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The current packaging industry is in need of sensor/sensor systems for complex, frequent applications and diverse operations to meet the industry's growing demands for brand protection, security and documentation. From rugged protective grade glass detection photoelectric switches, to smart camera sensors for position sensing of packaged components, to complex laser systems for loading robots, Sakady products offer superior performance, network compatibility and flexibility , to meet your needs in all aspects.

First level packaging, liquid:

Beverage filling

blob.pngThe beverage filling process requires sensors to identify transparent objects (such as PET bottles) at high speeds, prevent contamination, and detect target locations during production. Sakady's rugged sensors have been used in rotary filling systems for decades, demonstrating their superior performance.

Dairy filling

blob.pngComposite cartons are ideal for primary packaging of beverages, dairy products and other beverages due to their nutritional preservation, economics and logistics advantages. SICK's industry-leading sensor solutions cover a wide range of complex processes in the carton filling process.

First level packaging, solid:

Meat  packaging

blob.pngMeat processing companies must take special measures in the construction and production of factories to meet the hygiene requirements of food-related regulations. The requirements for temperature, humidity and the use of caustic cleaning equipment will have a major impact on the equipment technology used by the manufacturer, especially the electrical technology. Sakady's inductive sensors, photoelectric switches and hand-held scanners have been tested in applications for decades, demonstrating their superior performance and reliability to meet any requirement.

Bulk material packaging

blob.pngThe sensor in the bag wrapper controls the cutting of the bag, adjusts the filling and checks the date of sale. The above picture shows a cereal package as an example of how the sensor solution works throughout the packaging process.

Single product packaging

blob.pngOnly highly complex robotic systems can properly and quickly load a wide variety of chocolates into assorted boxes. Saakady's motor feedback system is ideal for all pick-and-place robot sensing devices.

Packing machine / tray packing machine

blob.pngCartoners and tray packers are used to load different containers, bottles, sachets and other packaged products into cartons, trays, etc., which can then be stacked and shipped. Sakady's sensor technology can be used to detect individual products, shipping containers, sealants and FCL products.

Robotic stacking


The stacker loads the goods into pallets in different styles for transport. Saiga's photoelectric sensors, encoders and safety equipment are critical to successful, repeatable stacking operations.

Stretch film packaging machine

blob.pngSakady has a diverse and proven range of sensor products that can be mounted on stretch film packaging machines for reliable and safe contour scanning, positioning, probing and identification.

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